Bridgett Byzewski

Licensed Realtor

Bridgett Byzewski started her Real Estate career in 1995 working for a small family owned and operated brokerage in Bexley, Ohio. Having recently graduated from The Ohio State University with a degree in Marketing, it was the perfect career to apply her passion for sales and marketing. Knolls Realty was looking to grow their business in a time where much larger brokerages were threatening their market share. Bridgett used her talent to start a new marketing approach in collaboration with local business and the community to reestablish the companies brand. Fundraising efforts earned them a spot on the Jerry Lewis Telethon and a well-versed article in the local paper. Bridgett enjoyed time walking the neighborhoods, getting to know the local people, and spending time understanding what was important to them.

Bridgett soon found herself looking for more opportunity and decided to join a larger establishment. Coldwell Banker was opening a new office in a new under-developed area that promised growth potential. She worked for a developer selling new construction where she quickly learned the construction process and how to assist people in new home design. Learning the product from the ground up had its advantages when it came to working with new homebuyers. Although the construction process has changed over the years, Bridgett understands the importance of keeping current with changes in process and standards.

Bridgett has also worked in sales management for a very diverse set of companies. She attributes her passion to work with people to her many years in sales. She also worked as a Project Manager for an Architectural and Design firm that designed many well-known restaurant and big box stores. Here is where she learned some of the basics of construction and design. Bridgett’s goal is to always put her customers first. Going the extra mile comes naturally for her.

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